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1981 Our Lady of Medjugorje (Yugoslavia)

1981 Our Lady of Medjugorje (Yugoslavia)The 10 Secrets of The Great Tribulation.

Quick Facts:

Time Period: 1981 – Present
Town/City, Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina (Yugoslavia)
Location: Hill Crnica (“Podbrdo”)
Visionaries: 6 children/youth


Since 1981, 6 children/youth have had visions of Mary daily, monthly and yearly.

The Virgin Mary has told the visionaries that She would reveal 10 secrets about the Great Tribulation (the short time before Jesus Christ returns to the Earth).  3 of the visionaries have received all 10 secrets and the other 3 have received 9 secrets.

Two of the visionaries have revealed that the third secret will provide proof of the apparitions at Medjugorje (“The Lasting Sign”).

Mary has given each of the visionaries different, individual ministries in prayer: the unbelievers, the souls in purgatory, priests, nuns, families, the sick and as well, the youth.



The Virgin Mary first appeared to 16 yr old Ivanka Ivanković on a hillside on June 24, 1981.  Later in the day, 5 other children saw Mary as well.  Since that time, Mary has continued to appear to these visionaries.

The Virgin Mary continued to appear to the children daily on the hillside.  On the third day the children asked Her, “Dear Our Lady, why have you come to us?”  Mary answered, “I have come because there are many believers here!”

Four days after the apparitions began (June 27) the children were taken to the police station for interrogation.  They were then examined by a doctor, Dr. Ante Vujevic.  The children then returned to the hill, where crowds awaited them.  Parish Priests accompanied the children on the hill (Fr. Zrinko Cuvalo and Fr. Viktor Kosir).  This particular apparition lasted for 30 minutes.  During that time the children discussed with Mary their concerns that many were skeptical.  Mary consoled the children, telling them that there will always be unbelievers.  Ivanka asked the Lady her name and Mary replied, “I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

By the 5th day of the apparitions more than 15 000 people gathered near the hill.  The conversation was recorded as the children asked Mary questions and they revealed the answers to the crowd.  You can read that conversation on the authentic Medjugorje site (see the page named “The Fifth Day”).

On the 6th day of apparitions, the children underwent thorough neuro-psychiatric testing.  The doctor, Dr. Mulija Dzudza declared that these children were mentally healthy and normal.  That evening, during an apparition, they asked for the healing of a “mute and dumb” boy named Daniel, a miracle that would convince the skeptics that Mary was real.  Mary told the children that if Daniel’s parents’ faith was strong enough, Daniel would be healed.

On day 7 the children were taken by social workers to Cerno (not near the hill) but Mary still appeared to them.

By the 8th day the authorities attempted to keep the children away from the hill and sought after them in the town.  The children took refuge in the church and Mary appeared to them while the were locked (for safety) in a room.  For mass that evening, the church was packed with people, beyond its capacity.  The priest asked the people to pray and fast, and become “participants” in the miraculous events that were unfolding at Medjugorje, rather than observers.


The 10 Secrets of The Great Tribulation

Mary told the visionaries that over time, she would reveal 10 secrets to them about the “End Times,” each to be revealed to the world at an unknown date.  For each of the visionaries, once the 10 secrets were revealed, the daily apparitions would cease but she would continue to visit them on occasion.  For the visionaries who have received the 10th secret, their apparitions take place on a yearly schedule.

Although the 10 secrets have not yet been revealed to the world, it is known that the third of the secrets will be a visible, indestructible, permanent sign that will appear on the hill where the apparitions originally took place (Podbrdo, “Apparition Mountain”).  As well, Mirjana and Vicka have revealed that the 7th secret is no longer valid thanks to the prayers and fasting that has resulted from the apparitions.

Three of the 6 Seers have received all 10 secrets (Mirjana in 1982, Ivanka in 1985 and Jakov in 1998).  Marija, Ivan and Vicka have received 9 of the 10 secrets.

Mirjana, who was the first to receive all 10 secrets, has been designated by Mary to lead the revealing of the 10 secrets.  Mirjana has chosen Fr. Petar Ljubicic to aid her, who will reveal each secret one at a time.  On specific dates, 10 days before each secret will take place, he will read each secret.  He will then fast for 7 days, then announce each secret to the world exactly 3 days before it will take place.

Learn more about the 10 secrets on the website.  There you can also learn about the warnings (events) that will be given to the world before the 3rd secret (visible sign on the hill) is revealed.  Also, read interviews with the visionaries about “The Lasting Sign” (and other signs) here.


What the 10 Secrets Reveal about the Nearness of the “End Times”

Ivan has revealed that “The Lasting Sign” will occur in his lifetime.  As of 2013, Ivan’s age is 48 years.  Read more here.

Mirjana has stated that she will be a witness to the three warnings (events) that will take place before the 3rd secret is revealed (The Lasting Sign).  As of 2013, Mirjana’s age is 48 years.

Since Ivan has revealed that The Lasting Sign will occur in his lifetime, the three warnings and The Lasting Sign will occur no later than 2065 (if Ivan and Mirjana were to live to the age of 100 years).

Mirjana has stated,

“That interval will be a period of grace and conversion. After the visible sign appears, those who are still alive will have little time for conversion.”

Mirjana’s words, “…those that are still alive” (those who have not passed of old age, disease, etc) could be an indication that the time of grace and conversion will be incredibly short (within the span of a lifetime).



  • Mirjana received a physical parchment from Our Lady with the ten secrets written on it, as well as the day and place where each of them will unfold.  Others have tried to read the parchment but what they are able to read is different for each of them.  Some see a song, a poem, a letter, etc. but Mirjana sees the 10 secrets that are written on the parchment.  Read more about the parchment here.
  • The visionary children asked that 3 yr old Daniel Setka be healed.  Daniel was mute and unable to walk.  Reportedly, he was able to speak on June 29th, 1981 and on June 30th at the hill of the apparitions many people witnessed that he was able to walk for the first time (read more).
  • Beyond coincidental (read more):
    -  Marija and Mirjana – both names mean “Mary.”
    -  Vicka – this name means “life.”  Mary revealed Her life story to Vicka (biography), which Vicka will reveal publicly at an unknown time.hereThe name Jakov means “James.” The parish church in Medjugorje is St. James Parish.
    -  Ivanka and Ivan – both names mean “John.”
    -  Mary first appeared on June 24, 1981, which is the feast of John the Baptist, who prepared the world for the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Vicka was miraculously cured of a brain tumor (read more).
  • On many occasions multitudes of people have witnessed the sun doing strange things, including spinning and moving (read more).
  • There are many more miracles to read about, found here.





 Quick Facts


Ivanka Ivanković

Ivanka (Ivanković) Elez

Ivanka (Ivanković) Elez
Born:  1966
Secrets Revealed:
All 10 (1985)
Ivanka lives in Miletina, Medjugorje with her husband and 3 children.All 10 secrets have been revealed to Ivanka and she no longer has daily apparitions.  Continued apparitions are on the anniversary of the initial Medjugorje apparition, June 25th of each year, which takes place in Ivanka’s family home.Ivanka’s ministry of prayer is to pray for all families.

Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo

Mirjana (Dragicevic) Soldo

Mirjana (Dragicevic) Soldo
Born: 1965
Secrets Revealed:
All 10 (1982)
Mirjana is married and lives near Medjugorje with her husband and 2 children.On Dec. 25, 1982 Mary revealed the last of the 10 secrets to Mirjana.  Although on that day Mirjana’s daily apparitions ceased, the Virgin Mary still appears to Mirjana on her birthday every year as a personal gift (March 18th).Mirjana continues to have monthly apparitions, on the second day of every month.Mirjana was designated by Mary to aid in revealing the 10 secrets to the world, when the time comes.Marjana’s ministry of prayer is to pray for those who do not believe in God.

Vicka Ivanković Mijatovic

Vicka (Ivanković) Mijatovic

Vicka (Ivanković) Mijatovic
Born: 1964
Secrets Revealed: 9
Vicka and her husband Mario live near Medjugorje with their 2 children.Vicka has had 9 of the 10 secrets revealed to her and continues to have daily apparitions from Mary.Mary has given Vicka the ministry of praying for the sick.Shortly after  a vision of purgatory (witnessed by both Vicka and Jakov), Vicka asked Mary how she could aid the souls who suffered there.  Mary told Vicka that if she was willing, She would give her a cross to bear (sacrifice to be used for the healing of souls).Vicka’s suffering was so great that Mary cured her tumor.  Read this story here.

Jakov Colo

Jakov Colo

Jakov Colo
Born: 1971
Secrets Revealed:
All 10 (1998)
At age 10, Jakov was the youngest of the visionaries at the time of the original apparitions.  Jakov lives with his wife and 3 children in Bijakovici, Medjugorje.  The 10th secret has been revealed to Jakov and his yearly apparitions are on Christmas Day.  Jakov’s prayer ministry is for the sick.

Marija Pavlović Lunetti

Marija (Pavlović) Lunetti

Marija (Pavlović) Lunetti
Born: 1965
Secrets Revealed: 9
Marija and her family (husband and 3 children) live in Italy for part of the year and as well, in Bijakovici, Medjugorje. 9 of the 10 secrets have been revealed to Marija.Marija delivers monthly apparitional messages to the church and the world on the 25th of each month.Marija’s ministry of prayer is for the nuns.  As well, she has been given the ministry of praying for the souls in purgatory.

Ivan Dragicevic

Ivan Dragicevic

Ivan Dragicevic
Born: 1965
Secrets Revealed: 9
Ivan lives in the United States for part of the year with his wife and 3 children.  He also lives in Bijakovici, Medjugorje for part of the year.Ivan has been entrusted with 9 of the 10 secrets and continues to have daily apparitions.Since 1982, as instructed by Mary, Ivan has led a prayer group that meets twice per week.Ivan’s ministry of prayer is for the priests.  As well, he has been given the ministry of praying for all youth.


More information on Mary’s messages at Kibeho can be found on the Kebeho Sanctuary’s website.

  1. To repent, and covert, there is very little time left;
  2. The world is in a terrible state, giving in to sin and evil;
  3. The sorrow of the Mother of the Word (Mary’s sadness about the state of the world);
  4. The “great silent apostasy,” whereby many people suddenly abandon their faith in God;
  5. Accept suffering as a blessing, and as a way to contribute to the salvation of souls;
  6. Pray in a way that is from the bottom of your heart, pray for the whole world, and teach others to pray;
  7. Pray the Holy Rosary as a way of asking Mary to intercede for us;
  8. Pray the all but forgotten Rosary of the Seven Sorrows;
  9. Build a chapel in remembrance of Her messages and to bring people together in Kibeho to pray;
  10. Pray always for the Church, especially for the trials that it will face in the future.



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